Let’s team up

Attard Bros Properties has a keen interest in acquiring any property or land that has the potential for sizeable development.

We are constantly on the lookout for spaces that have potential for residential, commercial, mixed use or villa development.

Who We Are

With over 40 years of experience as building contractors and developers, Attard Bros Properties takes the hassle and uncertainty out of development projects by managing the entire process from start to finish.

From planning and designing, construction and delivery and even marketing and selling, we are the project partner you need for your peace of mind. Getting a development done right, on time and on budget is not just our goal, it is our mission.

Working with our experts, we utilize diverse skill sets in all areas including land surveying, civil design, planning, and civil construction. Our team has the experience in each of these areas to know when we are on track, equally when we are not.

When it comes to Attard Bros Properties you can rest assured you are being led by the right team. Your peace of mind is important to us.

What We Do

As development specialists, we bring together all facets of expertise and unrivalled management skills from the initial master plan, construction, finishes – right until completion.

Have you got some land or property that you wish to develop but not sure how to go about it?

How We Do It?


This is where profits are realized. If you enter the project with us as your partners, we work with the land and think outside the box to help the project, realize the best possible return for all parties.

Sales and Marketing

We create an image and sell that project. You need the right sales agent to position the project the right way within the target market.

Construction and Delivery

With a great reputation for delivering difficult projects with difficult time frames, Attard Bros Properties are your best choice when it comes to partnering with someone on your development project. We are focused on programme, cost, quality construction, finishes and above all site safety. By knowing what we are doing and who we are working with it is a natural decision to choose us.

We can simplify the whole process by delivering the project with our in-house construction and finishes team, no matter the size ory the scale. This is a competitive one-stop solution designed to bring the land investments and development opportunities to life, on time and within budget, maximizing your profitability for all parties.

By creating the right team, doing the right things, at the right times. This creates efficiency for the project. The biggest saving in time and cost is a collaborative design solution that includes input from experienced construction teams right from the start.

Our Vision & Process

We understand that land is a precious resource. We also understand that to fulfill its true value through development, one needs a partner that shares your ambition and works tirelessly to turn the opportunity into reality.

Get in touch with us now to take your project to the next level!